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Airport Transportation from DIA to Breckenridge

Planning a trip to Breckenridge but having a hard time finding and/or renting a car to get there? Want cheaper and/or alternative options? Ski Country Resorts has the solutions and recommendations for you!…
alternate transportation options from denver airport to breckenridge

By now, we all know the term.. The one that makes us all cringe just a little every time we hear it (which is often, by the way). The scapegoat for everything late, expensive or out of stock as of recent… That’s right, you guessed it, ‘supply chain issues’. 😱

It’s funny (or maybe not so much) how extensive this problem has proven to be as we all try to shake off the COVID ‘funk’ and get back to ‘normal’. Everyday, it seems, we’re finding new industries and new products that the supply chain issue seems to touch. Even the rental car industry. For months now we’ve heard that a worldwide shortage of microchips is behind the slow production of new vehicles, coincidingly having a negative impact on the rental car companies (who sold off huge chunks of their fleets during the early months of COVID). This has left most companies with limited inventory, comprised mostly of bare-bones economy cars, all at exorbitant rates in comparison to the pre-COVID days.

Well, we’re here to tell you to forget the rental car! While it seems every Colorado mountain bound visitor’s first thought/solution for the 1.5 hour I70 trek is to rent a car, there’s more reasons than just inflated prices and lack of fleet that should make this option any Breck bound ski bum’s LAST resort instead of first. The most obvious, of course, is road conditions. I70s windy twists & turns mixed with the area’s year-round mountain elements (snow, rain, sleet..) can make for a pretty uncomfortable trip for anyone not familiar with the highway. A second reason, that seems to shock many Breckenridge visitors upon arrival, is Breckenridge’s lack of parking (namely free parking). Even those who do rent a car oftentimes end up leaving it parked during the extent of their trip once they realize the cost of parking and the convenience of the FREE ski/town shuttle system throughout Breckenridge & Summit County.

there’s more reasons than just inflated prices and lack of fleet that should make (renting a car) any Breck bound ski bum’s LAST resort instead of first….

“Ok, so what other options do I have?..” We’re glad you asked! Throughout recent years, so many alternate transportation options have popped up in and around Breckenridge for airport, and even resort to resort, transportation. Gone are the days of needing to drive yourself! In the days of Uber and Lyft, can’t we all admit maybe we’ve gotten a little spoiled and would rather just sit back and let someone else take care of the driving?


  • Cost (varies) – starting at $70 per person
  • Travel Time (est) – 1.5 hrs

While it may seem a private chaufer in a luxury vehicle could be a costly option for your journey from Denver Airport to Breckenridge, this may not always be the case. If traveling with a group, oftentimes the shared cost of this service can amount to the same (or even less) than that of a shared shuttle service – with added convienences like door to door service, the ability to stop and pick up any items you may need (or have forgotten) and the benefit of not having to share a 1.5 hour car ride (and additional stops along the way) with strangers!

For private luxury transportation options, rates and availability we recommend you check out Stagecoach Limo, Bluesky Limo, Colorado Resort Limo and Black Mountain Limo.


  • Cost (varies) – starting at $44 per person
  • Travel Time (est) – 2 hrs

If you’re looking for an option that can save both time and money, a shared airport shuttle may be a great solution! While you will have to take into account added stops to accommodate other guests (vs a private shuttle) the ride is still a comfortable one, via Sprinter van (sometimes even offering free wifi). Some shared airport shuttle services have even instituted a discounted rate for those willing to forego an exact Breckenridge dropoff location and, instead, end their trip at the Breckenridge Transfer Center* (where free town buses can take travelers to almost any Breckenridge destination throughout town).

For shared shuttle services and rates, we recommend you check out Summit Express and Peak 1 Express.

*If you have rented a Breckenridge vacation rental with Ski Country Resorts, our office location is just steps from the Breckenridge Transfer Center! As a guest of ours, we are happy to help arrange transportation from our office to your rental unit via our (seasonal) complimentary guest shuttle.


  • Cost (overall) – $22.50
  • Travel Time (estimated) – roughly 3 hours
Route Overview
DIA > Union Station (light rail) > Frisco/Summit County (bus) > Breckenridge (bus)

While this option does require a little planning, and a couple of added steps, it can be a viable option for the traveler on a budget (or one who is looking to explore a little of the Mile High City prior to heading West). The overview may seem a little ‘planes, trains and automobiles‘ (or buses, in this case) but if and when done right the entire excursion can be pretty seamless.

DIA to Union Station –
The Colorado A Line, via Denver’s RTD Light Rail, runs directly from the Denver International Airport to Union Station/Downtown Denver. The overall ride is about 40 minutes and the cost is $10.50. Trains depart the airport every 15 minutes during peak hours and every 30 minutes otherwise (6.30p – 3:30a). To locate the departure station, look for DIA’s Southside security within the terminal and proceed outside. From there, take the escalators down. From the train platform you will be able to purchase tickets and board the train.

Denver’s Union Station is located in the heart of the city… Have time to burn before catching your bus to the Mountains? Union Station plays host to many shops, bars and restaurants. Or, check your luggage with the Hotel Crawford (yes, even if you are not a guest) for $12 / 24 hrs and get out and explore the city!

Union Station to Frisco (Summit County) –
The Union Station bus concourse is located across the street from the main terminal. Proceed out the station’s back entry and around the light rail tracks to Wewatta St. Across the street, you will see signs for the bus station with escalators down to the bus concourse. Here you have two Summit County bound bus options.


Departures daily from Union Station to Frisco Station (Summit County) via the Westbound Bus. Departure times : 7am, 9.45am, 3pm & 5.40pm. Overall travel time 1hr 45mins. Ticket Cost $12 for adults (purchase in advance or pay when boarding).



Same $12 ticket price (purchase in advance or at the self-service kiosk), overall travel time and stops (2) as Bustang. However, Greyhound offers one additional departure at 11.25a (in addition to the same Bustang times listed above).

🚍 Both Bustang & Greyhound buses are equipped with on-board restroom, free WiFi and individual power outlets. Some buses even provide the added luxury of reclining seats.

Frisco Station to Breckenridge Station
Cost – FREE! The Summit Stage departs Frisco’s Transfer Station (enroute to Breckenridge) hourly from 6:30am to 11:30pm (note – in Summer additional departures every half hour are added until 5pm). Time from Frisco Station to Breckenridge Station – 35 mins.

*If you have rented a Breckenridge vacation rental with Ski Country Resorts, our office location is just steps from the Breckenridge Station! As a guest of ours, we are happy to help arrange transportation from our office to your rental unit via our (seasonal) complimentary guest shuttle.


Did you know?.. United Airlines recently launched a round-trip travel and transportation option to Breckenridge! A ticket purchased via United Airline’s website (with end destination set to Breckenridge, Colorado) not only includes air travel to DIA but also transportation from DIA directly to Breckenridge via luxury bus liner!

To read more about this option, we suggest you check out our blog here >>


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