Lowest Rate Guarantee

Finding the best online price for any Vacation Rental can be hard. So we make it easy! We're so sure that our Breckenridge home rental rates are the best, we proudly stand behind it & guarantee ours to be comparable or better than other competing sites.


Simply book online at SkiCountry.com or call 800.633.8388 to book and we'll stand behind our rate with our Lowest Rate Guarantee. If you find a lower rate for a comparable property based on size, amenities, location and service for the same check in and check out dates of your reservation within 72 hours of booking with us we promise to match the lower rate or allow you to cancel your reservation with us penalty free.

Now that sounds easy, doesn't it?


Happen to find a lower rate for similar accommodations for the same check in and check out dates of your reservation? Complete our Claim Form below within 72 hours of booking.


Within 24 hours, a Ski Country Resorts representative will contact you to confirm that the rate you've found meets all of our Lowest Rate Guarantee criteria*.


Enjoy the lower approved rate for your stay or receive a full refund, with no cancellation penalties.

*Reservation must have been booked directly with Ski Country Resorts, either online at www.SkiCountry.com or via phone with one of our knowledgeable reservationists. Offer does not apply to reservations booked within 72 hours of arrival or any Ski Country promotional packages or special offers. Other restrictions to comparable competitors include any type of lodging awarded with completion of mandatory preview tour of time share properties, etc.