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Know Before Your Go. Breckenridge Winter 2020/2021 Expectations.

• What Breckenridge Expects of Visiting Guests
• What Visiting Guests Can Expect in Breckenridge
• Breckenridge Physical Distanced and Responsible Winter Experiences

Please Note – The following information is based on the current State of Colorado and Summit County public health orders and can be changed or modified at any time. Feel free to reach out to Ski Country Resorts to double check any information as regulations are continually evolving.

As iconic destinations across the globe began to welcome back travelers this Summer Season, Breckenridge officials were thankful to guests for giving the community space and time during stay-at-home public health orders earlier this Spring. And now, after a successful Summer Season welcoming visitors back to our beloved mountain community, we want to remind those planning to visit Breckenridge this Winter what Breckenridge expects of them and what they can expect when visiting.

“When you are in Breckenridge, you are a part of our community,” said Mayor Eric Mamula. “We hope guests don’t take our requests lightly, but see it as an invitation to join in on the Breckenridge way. Our strong sense of communal resiliency is what has carried us safely through the coronavirus pandemic thus far, and the last thing we want to do is lose that spirit.”

What Breckenridge Expects of Visiting Guests

• Be Kind – We’re honored that you have made the decision to join us this Winter. Be aware, our community has new practices that you might not be accustomed to, but are in place for everyone’s safety and health. Please be kind to those working so hard to keep us all safe.

• Wear Facial Coverings – State, county and community public health orders require you to wear a mask to protect yourself and others where six feet of physical distance cannot be maintained. That includes inside businesses, restaurants, around town and on the trails. When you are in Breckenridge, you are a part of our community. You wearing a mask protects us, and us wearing a mask protects you. Many businesses in town are selling facial coverings and Ski Country Resorts is also happy to provide (for our guests) if needed.

• Quarantine – Breckenridge asks all visitors to be free of any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 for 10 days prior to arrival. If you develop symptoms while visiting, please isolate yourself and consult a healthcare provider immediately.

• Physical Distancing – For everyone’s health and safety please provide at least six feet of space between you and others. If six feet cannot be maintained, be prepared with a facial covering.

• Be Clean – Practice good hygiene and wash your hands when visiting to limit exposure from others in the community. Dispose of single-use trash in a respectful manner to keep Breckenridge clean.

• Know Before You Go – Check with your lodging or activity provider as guidance changes periodically. Do your research before you go with plan A. Be kind to those businesses that are still evolving – it’s for guest health.

What Visiting Guests can Expect in Breckenridge

• Walkable Main Street – The Town of Breckenridge saw a tremendous success in the Walkable Main experiment over this Summer and Fall. However, due to historically larger crowds and higher traffic in Winter, Breckenridge does not plan to keep Main Street closed to pedestrians after September 27th, 2020. There are, however, discussions surrounding the opportunity for Downtown Restaurants to assemble heated tents in available space such as patios and private parking lots. Stay tuned!

• Lodging Amenities & Communal Areas – Please keep in mind that while most lodging amenities like pools, hot tubs and common areas had reopened by Summer, some did remain closed and may remain that way until further notice. Guests should expect that most shared/common area pool and hot tub facilities that plan to open for Winter will require advance reservations (to ensure guests’ well-being) and will most likely be closed during Fall/Early Winter as well as Late Winter/Spring.

• Dining – Many of Breckenridge’s restaurants are still offering dining-to-go and all are offering in-person sit-down dining (operating at 50 percent capacity). Reservations are highly recommended.

• Nightlife – As of late September, Colorado’s state-wide ‘last call’ mandate had been extended from 10pm to 11pm. It is predicted, with proper adherence and cooperation to the mandate and a continued decrease in COVID-19 cases throughout the state, this time will continue to be extended monthly. Currently, bars that do not have food service are closed.

⚠️ Please Note : As of November 22, 2020 all indoor dining in Breckenridge (and surrounding Summit County) has been suspended. As of December 18th, Restraurants (and Bars acting as Restaurants) are allowed to apply for a variance via the ‘5-Star Program’ that may ease some restrictions for businesses that are found to be going above and beyond with safety practices. For more detailed information, please click here.

• Attractions – There are still many activities that Breckenridge offers its Winter guests to experience and explore the great outdoors! (Beyond, even, the obvious skiing and snowboarding). Recreate, heal in nature and experience the unexpected all while physically distancing with some of these ‘alternate’ Winter outdoor activities :

⚠️ Please be prepared for some (or most) of these activities to be limited to groups that are members of the same household. Therefore, guests should plan to inquire directly with their preferred activity provider(s) well in advance before making plans.

• Parking – Keep in mind that parking does come at a premium in Breckenridge, especially during Winter months. While all Ski Country Resorts’ properties do come with at least one free parking space per unit, paid overflow parking may be necessary for any vehicles exceeding each unit’s set vehicle allotment.

• Transportation – The Breckenridge Free Ride (and Summit Stage) free community transportation has resumed service with appropriate facial coverings required, new practices and procedures, reduced occupancies and enhanced cleaning standards. In addition, Ski Country Resorts plans to operate their Complimentary VIP Guest Shuttle during busier Winter months for lodging guests. Face masks will be required and cashless tipping (via Venmo) is available. Please be sure to plan shuttle trips well in advance as the number of riders at once may be limited or rides may be on a ‘per household’ basis.

Please Care for Colorado! ❤️As the world recently came to a pause, there is a renewed appreciation and need to slow down, cherish experiences with loved ones and take care of planet Earth. Known for its world-class outdoor playground and historic downtown, Breckenridge provides memorable experiences while preserving what makes it special for generations to come. And while many of the things are the same; the mountains, views, wildlife and abundant activities; many things have CHANGED. Our Colorado mountain communities love sharing their wealth of natural beauty and outdoor experiences with you. All we ask is that you have an amazing time while showing our lands and people plenty of love, kindness and respect; we promise to pay it back tenfold. You can do this by being a responsible traveler and not exposing yourself or others to unnecessary health or safety risks.Click Here Learn How to Care for Colorado >>

*Source : Please note many details in this article were sourced from the Breckenridge Tourism Office publication dated June 1, 2020 titled “BRECKENRIDGE, COLORADO REOPENING EXPECTATIONS AS OF JUNE 1“.

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