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COVID-19 & Breck.. What You Need to Know

Last Monday, March 16 2020, both the Breckenridge City Council members and Summit County officials met late in the afternoon to discuss what has been at the top of all American’s (and the World’s) minds for weeks… The COVID-19 Virus (also known as the Coronavirus). Less than 48 hours prior to this meeting, shocking news had been announced by Vail Resorts regarding the Breckenridge Ski Resort, and all of their other 30+ North American Ski Resorts. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were to close (at this time, only temporarily). For Colorado Ski Resorts, at least, the decision may have been been partially influenced by, what were to soon be accurate, predictions that Colorado state Governor’s Jared Polis would be directing all Colorado Ski Resorts to close in order to abide by ‘social distancing’ precautions for the state. It had seemed that the mountain towns of the Colorado Rockies had become especially vulenerable to the virus as they welcomed hundreds and thousands of domestic and international travelers to their resorts, vacation rentals, bars, restaurants and more. It was this amount of susceptibility that led the Governor, and Vail Resorts, to their difficult decision. 

On the heals of the weekend’s announcements, Monday morning saw the Denver Mayor, Michael Hancock, announcing closure of on-site drinking/dining at bars and restaurants throughout the city of Denver. Perhaps, from here, the writing was on the wall. Rumors circulated that this would soon become a statewide mandate, again, by Govenor Polis. And so, the Breckenridge City Council and Summit County Officials met (seperately) to discuss their plan of action. And, in the early evening Monday, they both came to the same conclusion. For the health and safety of their residents (and any lingering guests in town) they must institute a mandatory shut down. Less than 24 hours later, Governor Polis announced all on-site dining was to be prohibited at all Colorado restaurants and bars. In addition all gyms, theaters and casinos were directed to close. Later in the week, more “non-essential” businesses were forced to shut their doors. This included salons, barber shops, tattoo palors, elective surgery institutions and more. By the end of the week, the entire state of Colorado stood at a stand still. Amidst these daily closure announcements, Vail Resorts also released a press release revoking their initial optimism of a possible reopening later in the Ski Season. And thus, after record breaking snowfall all winter long, the 2019/2020 Ski Season was officially over in Breckenridge.

Although the news all heartbreaking, for residents & local business owners as well as those who had undoubtedly been looking forward to their Spring Ski getaway to Breckenridge, the town of Breckenridge and county of Summit have remained optimistic that the decision to work as a whole to self quarantine and follow social distancing rules, as put forth by the CDC and the government, will help to contain the virus and allow the opportunity for the it to ‘flush out’ and once again provide a safe and healthy community for locals and visitors alike. In Breckenridge, we have a strong sense of community and we believe this adds to our unique ‘mountain town’ charm. We work hard to make sure that all who visit us feel a part of this. Even here, at Ski Country Resorts, we are excited to welcome back guests, year after year, who treat our charming mountain destination as their second home. So, it goes without saying, our number one priority is working together to see our beloved town restored to health and ready to share, once again, with all of our “extended family” – ie: you, our guests.

We know many of you may be anxious to plan your Breckenridge vacation, but in light of current events feel a little uncertain about timing. So we, at Ski Country Resorts, would like to ease your hestitations by temporarily “relaxing” our deposit policies. Currently, the town is scheduled to resume business as usual beginning Friday, May 1 and we are accepting reservations from this date forward. So, all stays May 1 through June 30th, arriving 16+ days outside of arrival, will only require a $100 deposit to secure your reservation.

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