Breckenridge Four O'Clock Neighborhood

Centrally located both near the Snowflake lift and Four O'Clock Ski Run, this neighborhood provides easy year-round mountain access to acclaimed Breckenridge Ski Resort, ranked among TripAdvisor's Top 10 U.S. Destination Hot Spots.


Enjoy one of Breckenridge's most desirable locations, offering convienent ski-in and/or ski-out access to the famed slopes of Breckernidge.
breckenridge four oclock neighborhood border the ski area's four oclock ski run
Navigate Breckenridge's popular Four O'Clock Ski Run home to round out your day, or to grab a mid-day bite to eat for restored energy. Located on Peak 8, the Four O'Clock Ski Run is Breckenridge’s longest ski trail spanning three and a half miles long.
the breckenridge four oclock neighborhood and lodging is near the ski area's snowflake chairlift
the breckenridge ski area's snowflake chairlift, located near the four oclock neighborhood, is the only lift to make a 45 degree turn
The Snowflake lift, located within the Four O'Clock neighborhood, is the only lift of its kind making a 45-degree turn halfway through its journey to the Peak 8 drop off point.
the sawmill reservoir hike in breckenridge is popular for those staying nearby in the four oclock neighborhood
In Summertime, the Sawmill Reservoir hike (who's trail head begins at the site of the Snowflake Chairlift) is a popular hike for locals and visitors alike. This roughly 1.5-mile journey follows a stream to the reservoir and offers abundant shade and little elevation gain making it a good option for families.
the sawmill reservoir hike is located near breckenridge lodging in the four oclock neighborhood
the snowflake chairlift towers above the sawmill reservoir hike, near brecenridge lodging in the four oclock neighborhood
picnics and fishing are a popular activity at breckenridge's sawmill reservoir, an easy hike from the four oclock neighborhood