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Breckenridge International Festival of Arts August 10-19, 2018

Adventure + Play + Creativity

One of Breckenridge's newest Summer Installations, the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts (informally referred to as BIFA) has joined the ‘cultural fray’ by presenting one of the newest multidisciplinary arts festivals in the U.S.! Back for its fourth year, this multi-arts program of extraordinary events in spectacular places and spaces across Breckenridge is a 10-day festival inspired by the themes of environment and mountain culture in Breckenridge. This remarkable event brings together a variety of performances, exhibitions, screenings, workshops, talks and collaborations along with an eclectic mix of music, dance, visual arts and family entertainment.

The event definitely has a ‘Breckenridge feel’ with art exhibits that link closely with the natural environment. From a number of free outdoor musical performances in the new Breckenridge Arts District campus to an exciting lineup of local, national and global talent as well as a truly unique program entitled Trail Mix. Quickly becoming a significant addition to the state’s festival landscape as well as a premier destination event, BIFA promises to be a one of a kind experience that you will not want to miss this Summer!

Overview of Events 2018 :

  • Featured Exhibits & Outdoor Installments
  • Visual Art & Theatre
  • Music
  • Film
  • Interactive Events & Family Friendly Activities

Featured Exhibits & Outdoor Installments

Aurous Trove

Aurous Trove
August 10-19 | Iowa Hill Trail

Aurous Trove is designed to subtly interrupt the landscape to remind us of the history of the gold rush at the Iowa Hill Mine and invites viewers to consider the value of resources as they are naturally in juxtaposition of conquest and the consequences of extraction.

Peeking Thomas Dambo

Peeking [Name TBD] : Thomas Dambo
August 9-19 | E Wellington Trail

Discover one of Danish artist Thomas Dambo’s enchanting troll-like creatures along a scenic forest trail on the outskirts of town. Based on woodland myth, this gentle giant will be made from recycled and reclaimed and perched high atop a rocky hillside, stacking stones.

MEET THE ARTIST: August 10, 5.30–6.30p | E Wellington Trail

Get Inspired! .. Make Your Own Monster

Make your own larger-than-life monster! All ages welcome. Parents must attend with children age 6 and under. Register in advance to ensure a spot.

August 12 & 19, 2–3p | Quandary Antiques Cabin

Nature Will Not Miss Us Nicole Banowetz

Nature Will Not Miss Us : Nicole Banowetz
August 9-19 | Old Masonic Hall

Nicole Banowetz makes sewn inflatable sculptures and delicate assembled forms, which move freely between growth and decay blurring the distinction between decoration and disease. Inspired by the natural world, this exhibit addresses human qualities while using the imagery of animal, plant, mineral and bacterial worlds.

MEET THE ARTIST: August 18, 3–4p | Gallery at Old Masonic Hall

Get Inspired! .. Inflatable Art

Make your own inflatable art! All ages welcome. Parents must attend with children age 6 and under. Register in advance to ensure a spot.

August 10 & 17, 2–3p | Quandary Antiques Cabin

Tempting Landscapes Edina Tokodi

Tempting Landscapes : Edina Tokodi
August 9 - September 9 | Gallery at Old Masonic Hall

UUsing plants native to both the mountains and downtown Breckenridge, this exhibit will reflect the cycle and the resilience of life, advocating sustainable living and participation in the metamorphosis of an evolving visual culture.

Get inspired! .. Yeti Art

Make your own larger-than-life yeti! All ages welcome. Parents must attend with children age 6 and under. Register in advance to ensure a spot.

August 11 & 18, 2–3p | Quandary Antiques Cabin

Balanced Rock Sculptures Michael Grab

Balanced Rock Sculptures : Michael Grab
August 10-12 12-8.30p | Breckenridge Riverwalk

Having gained a local reputation for designing highly unlikely balanced rock formations up and down Boulder Creek, world-renowned stone balancing artist Michael Grab will be creating his artistry & creations in the Blue River.

Get inspired! .. Rock Art with Keystone Science School

Make your own rock art! All ages welcome. Parents must attend with children age 6 and under. Register in advance to ensure a spot.

August 12 & 19, 10.30a–12.30p | Fuqua Livery Stable

Visual Art & Theatre

in the light of air

In The Light of Air
August 10 9-10p | Riverwalk Center

A tetralogy of works by Icelandic composer Anna Thorvaldsdottír, this piece (scored for the ethereal combination of viola, cello, harp, piano, percussion and electronic) elicits images of Iceland’s varied geography. The four movements bear the titles Luminance, Serenity, Existence and Remembrance and are connected by short transitions to form a seamless flow throughout the work. Performed with an onstage gentle yoga and meditation session for interested audience members.

a simple space

A Simple Space, by Gravity & Other Myths
Riverwalk Center | Tickets $20 .. Purchase

Get up close and personal with one of Australia’s hottest and most original circus ensembles. In this award-winning show that has captivated sell-out festival audiences worldwide, seven young acrobats push themselves to their physical limits and beyond in an awe inspiring performance of supreme acrobatic ability, strength and skill.

.. Friday, August 17 7:30p.. .. Saturday, August 18 7:30p.. .. Sunday, August 19 2p..

Circus Teaser with GOM

Catch the artists of Gravity & Other Myths in trailside acrobatic demos as free, open-air previews to their indoor performance of A Simple Space.

Aug 14-16, 1–1:20 pm
W Wellington Trail

Circus Workshop with GOM

Kids will practice a variety of circus skills and acrobatics & learn how to trust each other as they explore the mechanics of the body. Ages 6+.

August 14-16, 10-11a
Gallery at Old Mason Hall


Vijay Iyer Trio

Vijay Iyer Trio
August 9 9p | Riverwalk Center

One of the most pivotal jazz bands of the twenty-first century with composer, writer, pianist, and Harvard professor, Vijay Iyer at the helm. Innovative in style and form, the trio fuses various jazz forms that are rooted in tradition.

Tickets starting at $25 | Purchase

Andrew Bird with Neyla Pekarek

Andrew Bird with special guest Neyla Pekarek
August 17 7.30p | Riverwalk Center

A show inspired by the life of Colorado pioneer woman Rattlesnake Kate, infamous for her death defying encounter with a rattlesnake migration. This collection of songs recounts stories from her life, extracted from a 40-year love letter.

Tickets starting at $40 | Purchase

trail mix

Trail Mix
Daily, Aug 9-19
.. 10a Moonstone Trail.. .. 2p Iowa Trail.. .. 4p W Wellington Trail..

Combining art, music, hiking and biking along the trails of Breckenridge through free outdoor concerts and environmental installations, this outdoor feature will offer 27 pop-up performances over the 10 days of BIFA.

MEET THE ARTISTS : August 15, 7-9p | Old Masonic Hall, Upper Level Studio
Join Trail Mix artist Nicole Banowetz, Tree-O performer James Russick Smith, and Tony Overlock of Open Space and Trails, to discuss the BIFA Trail Mix series. Learn about what it takes to create and place the on-trail sculptures and the meaning-making considerations that take place when you locate art in nature.

Get inspired! .. Lichen Art with Keystone Science School

Check out the Mostika Trail Mix Installation and then make your own lichen creation while learning about one of the smallest living organism. All ages welcome. Parents must attend with children age 6 and under. Register for child only. Register in advance to ensure a spot.

August 18, 10a–12p | Fuqua Livery Stable



Elevating music to new heights, Tree-o features three musicians — cellist Russick Smith, violinist Karen Lauffer and mandolinist Kevin Larkin – in a series of free concerts held in the forest, high among the pine boughs and branches. A performance art installation, each musical session features instrumental melodies performed with the trio perched aloft upon the trees.

August 10-12 & 17-18, 1-1:30p + 6–6:30p
Illinois Creek Trail



Harmonizing their voices to create an ethereal atmosphere in the forest, Chimney Choir is a Denver-based performance ensemble who blends old time folk songs and minimal music into their own quirky compositions. A musical installation, each concert features a vocal soundscape performed along a trail. Featuring guest vocalists Natalie Tate and Evan McCandless.

August 10-12 & 17-19, 11–11:30a + 3–3:30p
W Wellington Trail


Radhe Radhe Rites of Holi

Radhe Radhe: Rites of Holi

A vivid multimedia collaboration by composer-pianist Vijay Iyer and Indian-American filmmaker Prashant Bhargava, this film is inspired by Igor Stravinsky’s beloved “The Rite of Spring” but instead explores the Hindu festival of Holi, another rite of spring, famous for its revelry of color and celebration of the love.

August 9 6p
Riverwalk Center

Kick Push: A Roll-in Movie Night

Kick Push: A Roll-in Movie Night

Skate, scoot, pedal or ride to the Riverwalk Center lawn for a program packed with inspiring tales from international filmmakers, explorers and athletes. From boards to bikes, join us for a family-friendly outdoor screening featuring a series of cinematic shorts highlighting humanity’s greatest feats on wheels.

August 14 8:30–10p
Riverwalk Center Lawn

Lula del Ray, by Manual Cinema

Lula del Ray, by Manual Cinema

Using overhead projectors, shadow puppetry, live feed cameras, multi-channel sound design and an onstage music ensemble, the company creates real-time animated cinema of a classic coming-of-age story evoking the sophistication of Hitchcock and the contemporary gothic of Tim Burton.

August 16 7:30–9p
Riverwalk Center | Purchase Tickets

Interactive Events & Family Friendly Activities

concrete jams

Concrete Jams: Sk8 + Jazz
August 11 & 12, 10a–1p | Breckenridge Skate Park

Skateboarding and jazz collide as BIFA brings together athletes and artists in unexpected ways. Essential to both disciplines is the ability to find an individual groove, so this 360-degree immersion showcases the art of improvisation in both music and sport, offering a new kind of performance art: the bowl as bandstand.

Youth Sk8 Workshop

Join skating legends Jordyn Barratt, Bucky Lasek, and Andy MacDonald for a one hour workshop on the basics of skateboarding.

August 10, 10–11a | Breckenridge Skate Park

Ages 6-18 only. First-come, first-served. Capped at 20 participants. Bring your own skateboard.

Sk8er Activities, with Mountain Top Children’s Museum

Take a break from spectating the Concrete Jams showcase and make a skateboard rocket car, mini skateboards and skateboard paintings. If you’re more interested in the action, participate in tech deck games, tech deck tube races or a scooter obstacle course.

August 11 & 12, 10a–1:00p | Breckenridge Skate Park

acoustic flow

Acoustic Flow

Free outdoor classes in yoga, meditation and healing arts, uniting music & nature.

August 10-19, 8-9a
Riverwalk Center

plein art painting

Plein Air Painting

Enjoy the great outdoors & learn how to paint on-site, capturing light and color.

August 10 & 17, 10.3a–12p
Fuqua Livery Stable

nature printmaking

Nature Printmaking

Make a beautiful nature print with stencils, styrofoam plates and pencils.

August 10 & 17, 1–2p
Quandry Antiques Cabin

nature collages

Nature Collages

Create beautiful collages from natural materials and images of nature.

August 12 & 19, 1–2p
Randall Barn

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