breckenridge international arts festival

Breckenridge International Festival of Arts August 9-18, 2019

Adventure + Play + Creativity

One of Breckenridge's newest Summer Installations, the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts (informally referred to as BIFA) has joined the ‘cultural fray’ by presenting one of the newest multidisciplinary arts festivals in the U.S.! Back for its fifth year, this multi-arts program of extraordinary events in spectacular places and spaces across Breckenridge is a 10-day festival inspired by the themes of environment and mountain culture in Breckenridge. This remarkable event brings together a variety of performances, exhibitions, screenings, workshops, talks and collaborations along with an eclectic mix of music, dance, visual arts and family entertainment.

The event definitely has a ‘Breckenridge feel’ with art exhibits that link closely with the natural environment. From a number of free outdoor musical performances in the new Breckenridge Arts District campus to an exciting lineup of local, national and global talent as well as a truly unique program entitled Trail Mix. Quickly becoming a significant addition to the state’s festival landscape as well as a premier destination event, BIFA promises to be a one of a kind experience that you will not want to miss this Summer!

Overview of Events 2019 :

  • Featured Exhibits & Outdoor Installments
  • Visual Art & Theatre
  • Music
  • Film
  • Interactive Events & Family Friendly Activities

Featured Exhibits & Outdoor Installments

breckenridge international arts festival golden shelter giuseppe licari

Golden Shelter : Giuseppe Licari
August 9-18 | Moonstone Trail

Addressing the urgency of climate change, this installation by Rotterdam-based Sicilian artist Giuseppe Licari is meant to bring attention to the importance of our woodlands for the survival of our planet.

breckenridge international arts festival green patriot posters the canary project

Green Patriot Posters : The Canary Project
August 9-18 | Arts District Lawn

A public intervention by American art collective The Canary Project (Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris), Green Patriot Posters will center on posters that encourage all U.S. citizens to take part in building a sustainable economy.

breckenridge international arts festival isak heartstone thomas dambo

Isak Heartstone : Thomas Dambo
August 9-18 | Trollstigen Trail

Returning from last year's BIFA in a brand new location, Isak Heartstone is a large-scale, wooden troll sculpture created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo, who specializes in making imaginative art pieces from recycled materials.

Get Inspired! .. Upcycled: Woodworking

In this class, attendees learn to turn everyday wooden items that can be re-purposed into anything their mind can imagine.

August 10, 2–5p | Fuqua Livery Stable

breckenridge international arts festival Blue River by Giuseppe Licari + Gretchen Marie Schaefer

Blue River : Giuseppe Licari + Gretchen Marie Schaefer
August 9 - September 8 | Gallery@OMH, Old Masonic Hall

An installation by Dutch artist Giuseppe Licari and Denver-based artist Gretchen Marie Schaefer inspired by the history of Breckenridge and the radical transformation of its rich physical and human landscape since the Gold Rush.

Gretchen Marie Schaefer: Artist Talk

Meet Gretchen Marie Schaefer and learn about her previous work and her installation Blue River, on display throughout the entirety of BIFA.

August 9, 5–6p | Gallery@OMH, Old Masonic Hall

breckenridge international arts festival glass leaves

Glass Leaves : A Community Art Project
August 11 5.30p-8.30p | Hot Shop

Be a part of the Glass Leaves installation! Participants will get the opportunity to try glass blowing, bending thin pieces of glass into unique glass leaves that will eventually be hung to create a glass chandelier installation. This project will give attendees that opportunity to get a small taste of how much fun working with a medium can be.

Visual Art & Theatre

breckenridge international arts festival bandaloop


BANDALOOP celebrates the human spirit, nature, and communities through dance that uses climbing technology to expand and challenge what is possible. A pioneer in vertical performance, BANDALOOP seamlessly weaves dynamic physicality and intricate choreography to turn the dance floor on its side.

Film Shoot (Outdoors)

To take place in multiple locations around Summit County, with a number of the sites being open to the public. Specifics will be announced closer to film dates.

August 9 TBA

Open Rehearsal (Outdoors)

This 20-minute, free open rehearsal performance will take place on the facade of a local building yet to be announced.

August 15 5p & 6p

Performance (Indoors)

These 30-minute, free indoor performances will be general admission with standing room and floor seating only on a first-come, first-served basis.

Breckenridge Riverwalk Center
August 16 & 17 11a & 1.30p daily


breckenridge international arts festival An Evening with DeVotchKa

An Evening with DeVotchKa
August 11 1:30-8:30p | Riverwalk Center

Based out of Denver, DeVotchKa is a four-piece multi-instrumental and vocal ensemble that fuses Romani, Greek, Slavic, Bolero, Mariachi music with American punk and folk roots.

Tickets starting at $30 | Purchase

breckenridge international arts festival DJ Spooky: Heart of a Forest + Arctic Rhythms

DJ Spooky: Heart of a Forest + Arctic Rhythms
August 13 7.30-8.30p | Riverwalk Center

Performing two meditations with a live string ensemble, projected imagery & electronic/hip-hop music, DJ Spooky's work immerses audiences in a blend of genres, global culture, and environmental/social issues.

This performance will be FREE, on first-come, first-served basis.

breckenridge international arts festival trail mix

Trail Mix

Combining art, music, hiking and biking along the trails of Breckenridge through free outdoor concerts and environmental installations, this outdoor feature will offer several pop-up performances over the 9 days of BIFA.

Iowa Trail
Daily, Aug 9-18 | 2p & 4p

Get inspired! .. Create a Musical Instrument

Enjoy an afternoon making homemade kazoos and drums using paper tubes, wax paper, rubber bands, paint, markers, crayons, sparkles..etc.
For ages 1-6. To ensure a spot, register online.

August 11 & 17, 10-11a | Quandary Antiques Cabin

breckenridge international arts festival tree-o


Elevating music to new heights, Tree-o is a series of free concerts held in the forest, high among the pine boughs and branches featuring instrumental melodies performed with the trio perched aloft upon the trees.

Illinois Creek Trail

August 9-18, 1-1:30p + 6–6:30p daily*

*With the exception of August 9 (afternoon performance only) & August 18 (morning performance only).

breckenridge international arts festival chirp


A musical installation crating an ethereal atmosphere by blending old time folk songs & minimal music, each concert features a vocal soundscape performed amongst nature along a hiking trail.

Aug 10, 11, 17 & 18 | 11–11:30a
Iowa Hill Trail

Aug 10, 11, 17 & 18 | 3–3:30p
Illinois Creek Trail

breckenridge international arts festival wading for cupcakes

Wading for Cupcakes

The Wading for Cupcakes, performance presents an interactive journey in the Blue River that invites us to remember to let go and be free while considering the watersheds upon which all life depends..

Blue River (Near The Riverwalk Center)

August 16-18, 12p + 5p daily*

*With the exception of August 16 (evening performance only).


breckenridge international arts festival On the Green: An Eco-Movie Night

On the Green: An Eco-Movie Night
Co-Presented By The Breckenridge Film Festival

A series of cinematic shorts exploring conservation, climate change and the environment in a family friendly outdoor (free) screening on the Riverwalk Center lawn.

Breckenridge Riverwalk Center
August 15, 8.30-10p

Interactive Events & Family Friendly Activities

breckenridge international arts festival nature writing

Nature Writing

Gain inspiration and guidance in nature writing. Write a short novel & sharing your work with others, offering positive feedback.

breckenridge international arts festival plein painting

Plein Air Painting

Learn plein air techniques including capturing scenes quickly, choosing a strong composition, representing values correctly and studying light.

breckenridge international arts festival mosaic landscapes

Mosaic Landscapes

Get creative with the landscape and create mosaics from found sticks and stones.

breckenridge international arts festival paint a trail sign

Paint a Trail Sign

Make your own positive sign using reclaimed Colorado wood. You can stencil, burn and/or paint on a piece of wood to design a sign that comes from the heart.

August 16 | 3-5p
Randall Barn

Register Online

breckenridge international arts festival weld a tree

Weld a Tree

Come learn the basic skills of brazing (a welding technique) and create a unique tree out of metal.

August 17 | 2-5p
Hot Shop

Register Online

breckenridge international arts festival ceramics wheel throwing

Ceramics Wheel Throwing

Come watch a local ceramicist demonstrate how to throw on a wheel and get a peak of the Breck Create Ceramics Studio.

August 18 | 2-5p
Ceramic Studio

Register Online

... Reoccuring ...

breckenridge international arts festival clay planters

Clay Planters

Draw crayon resist and dip to paint mini clay pots to create unique planters for tiny plants.

August 9, 10, 16 & 18
Ceramic Studio

Register Online

breckenridge international arts festival organic weaving

Organic Weaving

Build your own handheld loom and create a beautiful woven masterpiece using items collected from Mother Nature.

August 9, 10, 15 & 16
Fuqua Livery Stable

Register Online

breckenridge international arts festival river rock mosaics

River Rock Mosaics

Rock and roll in this hand-painted rock workshop where you’ll paint a unique design on a smooth Colorado river rock.

August 9, 11 & 18
Quandry Antiques Cabin

Register Online

breckenridge international arts festival paint with the earth

Paint with the Earth

Experiment with unusual mark making using leaves paint and mono printing.

August 14, 16 & 17
Quandry Antiques Cabin

Register Online

breckenridge international arts festival leaf printing

Leaf Prints

Make impressions of leaf designs using a technique called jelly plate printing.

August 16 & 17
Quandry Antiques Cabin

Register Online

breckenridge international arts festival nature collages

Nature Collages

Create beautiful collages from natural materials and images of nature.

August 11 & 18
Randall Barn

Register Online

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