breckenridge wave arts fest

WAVE : Light + Water + Sound May 30 - June 2, 2019

When art, nature and technology come together in a spectacular mountain environment, the result can be truly incredible! This Spring join us for WAVE : Light + Water + Sound, a free festival featuring illuminated sculptures, projections and digital art in and around the Blue River Plaza in downtown Breckenridge, transforming the river, bridges and waterfront area into outdoor canvases, stages and exhibition spaces.

Overview of Events 2019 :

  • Sculptures + Installations
  • Concerts + Screenings
  • Community Events + Workshops

Named 'Best New Festival' 2017 by Westword Magazine



breckenridge wave festival cloud installation

by Caitlind r.c. Brown + Wayne Garrett

A large-scale interactive work sculpted from 6,000 incandescent light bulbs., this piece will incorporate hundreds of pull-strings to create a simple, bright, and playfully collaborative work. Stand inside and underneath to become part of an impromptu team that animates the sculpture, creating “lightning".

Arts District Campus
117 Washington Ave

breckenridge wave iceberg installation

by ATOMIC3 and APPAREIL Architecture

A playful immersive work that tells the story of an iceberg, from its calving into Arctic waters to its final melting near a southern shore. Iceberg will consist of a series of illuminated metallic arches arranged as a tunnel and "warmed" by human activity, creating a musical corridor and a visual and auditory symphony.

Blue River Plaza
203 S Main St

breckenridge wave loop installation

by Ekumen

An optical toy, Loop is a cross between a music box, a zoetrope and a railway handcar. The retro-futuristic machine will project black and white images, tinted through a strobe effect and recalling the earliest movies, that will be visible inside the cylindar as well as out, set to the speed at which the participants inside set.

Ridge Street Arts Square
135 S Ridge St


breckenridge wave les voyageurs

Les Voyageurs + Les Oiseaux
by Cédric Le Borgne

Translating into The Travelers and The Birds, these illuminated artworks delicately sculpted from chicken wire will take human and bird form sitting on roofs, perched in trees or suspended in the air. They will invite you to glance up and around and offer the possibility of a connection between the sky and the ground.

Arts District Campus
117 Washington Ave

breckenridge wave light flows

Light Flows
by ACT Lighting Design

A media installation that will project images from natural phenomena onto a large net, giving the effect of a hologram in the air mimicking travel around the world and further. Rare treasures from the universe, the northern skies, the deep sea, the center of the earth and more will float above reminding people how much light matters.

Riverwalk Center Lawn
150 W Adams Ave

Featured Artist
Scott Young, Denver CO

breckenridge wave tension


A maze of neon mystically bent into dangling “ropes” of illuminated glass.

Gallery @ OMH, Old Masonic Hall
136 S Main St

breckenridge wave intermittent positive reinforcement

Intermittent Positive Reinforcement

A hanging neon sculpture with an interactive Instagram platform.

Arts District Lawn
117 Washington Ave


breckenridge wave floating brass

Floating Brass
with National Repertory Orchestra

Featuring musicians from the National Repertory Orchestra, Floating Brass is a series of mobile pop-up performances that drift around the WAVE exhibition site.

Arts District Campus
117 Washington Ave

5p - 9p nightly

breckenridge wave through the blue

Through the Blue 4.0
with Russick Smith

Featuring cellist Russick Smith, Through the Blue is a concert of cascading melodies on a tiny island between the banks of the Blue River.

Blue River (Next to Riverwalk Center)
150 W Adams Ave

8p – 10:30p nightly

breckenridge wave reels

WAVE Reels
with Breckenridge Film Festival

A collection of short films dedicated to different themes within the WAVE exhibition.

Arts District Campus
117 Washington Ave

8:30p – 11p nightly


breckenridge wave light cycles

LightCycles: A Community Bike Ride

An event that encourages local cyclists to light up their bikes for a parade through the WAVE exhibition site.

Blue River Bikeway
150 W Adams Ave

7p–9p | May 30

Riders should gather between 7-8pm at Psycle9600 (505 S Main Street) with pre-decorated bikes.. or gear up onsite with free glow swag. Participants are encouraged to use reusable lights. Prizes will be awarded to the “greenest” bikes. This event is a co-produced with the Cycle Effect and Psycle9600.

breckenridge wave nightscape paintings

Acrylic + Water: Nightscape Paintings

Play with the properties of acrylic and watercolor paint on the unique surface of bare wood.

Randall Barn
114 Washington Ave

6:15p-9:15p | May 31

breckenridge wave glass chandelier

Glass Chandelier- Community Art Project

Come try glass blowing! Bending thin pieces of glass, your creations will add to a community art piece.

Hot Shop
123 S Ridge St

5:30p–7:30p | June 1

breckenridge wave oil + water apothecary

Oil + Water: Herbal Apothecary

A workshop will be a demonstrate distilling plants for essential oil and hydrosol.

Randall Barn
114 Washington Ave

7p-9p | June 1

breckenridge wave scott young artist talk

Scott Young: Artist Talk

Come meet Scott Young and learn about his previous work & WAVE installations.

Gallery @ OMH, Old Masonic Hall
136 S Main St

6p–6:30p | May 31

breckenridge wave neon workshop

Scott Young: Neon Workshop

Come learn how to create art with neon! Taught by WAVE artist Scott Young.

Robert Whyte House
127 S Ridge St

5p–6:30p | June 1

breckenridge wave cloud art

Cloud Art

Capture the clouds via your very own pinhole camera.

Ceramic Studio
125 S Ridge St

3p–4p | May 31 & June 1

breckenridge wave bird books

Bird Books

Create and bind your own, one-of-a-kind bird book!

Randall Barn
114 Washington Ave

3:15p–4:15p | May 31 thru June 2

breckenridge wave iceberg sculptures

Iceberg Sculptures

Mold clay into a one-of-a-kind Iceberg sculpture.

Quandary Antiques Cabin
133 S Ridge St

3:15p– 4:15p | May 31 thru June 2

breckenridge wave mesh sculptures

Mesh Sculptures

Form fun and airy sculptures using mesh and wire.

Fuqua Livery Stable
110 Washington Ave

4p–5p | May 31 thru June 2

breckenridge wave drip art

Drip Art

Create a colorful drip art using a number of techniques.

Randall Barn
114 Washington Ave

4:45p–5:45p | May 31 thru June 2

breckenridge wave sun catchers

Sun Catchers

Design a sun catcher with homemade frame & paper.

Quandary Antiques Cabin
133 S Ridge St

4:45p–5:45p | May 31 thru June 2

breckenridge wave weld luminaries

Learn to Weld: Tin Can Luminaries

Create a unique tin can luminary with abstract designs.

Hot Shop
123 S Ridge St

6p–9p | May 31 & June 1

breckenridge wave woodworking shadow boxes

Woodworking: Shadow Boxes

Cut, shape and join wood to create a shadow box.

Fuqua Livery Stable
110 Washington Ave

6p–9p | May 31 & June 2

breckenridge wave ceramic cloud trays

Ceramic Cloud Trays

Create ceramic trivet trays in the shape of a cloud.

Ceramic Studio
125 S Ridge St

7p–9p | June 1 thru 2

All events are subject to changes and/or cancellation.
Please Note that Ski Country Resorts is not the event organizer and has no direct correlation with this event. This page is meant for information purposes only.