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breckenridge wave arts fest

WAVE : Light + Water + Sound June 1-4, 2017

When art, nature and technology come together in a spectacular mountain environment, the result can be truly incredible! This Spring join us for WAVE : Light + Water + Sound, a free festival featuring illuminated sculptures, projections and digital art in and around the Blue River Plaza in downtown Breckenridge, transforming the river, bridges and waterfront area into outdoor canvases, stages and exhibition spaces.

Overview of Events 2017 :

Named 'Best New Festival' 2017 by Westword Magazine


breckenridge wave intrude installation

Intrude, by Amanda Parer

In Amanda Parer’s native Australia, rabbits are an out-of-control pest and have caused a great imbalance to the country’s endemic species. On the other hand, the rabbit also represents the fairytale animals from our childhood—a furry innocence, frolicking through idyllic fields. Intrude deliberately evokes this cutesy image with visual humor to lure visitors into the art, only to reveal the more serious environmental messages in the work. A global phenomenon, Intrude has traveled to over 30 cities in countries around the world, including Australia, Portugal, England, and Canada.

breckenridge wave micro installation

MICRO, by Purring Tiger

MICRO is an interactive installation of suspended globes from New York-based new media artist Aaron Sherwood and performer, choreographer and visual artist, Kiori Kawai of Purring Tiger. Positioned in the Blue River Plaza in downtown Breckenridge, visitors will be invited to walk into the installation and touch the globes, which represent particles. Each particle will reply with a different sound and light creating an immersive experience that represents how our mind affects particles, cells and ultimately the body itself.

breckenridge wave polygonum installation

Polygonum 2.0, by Tom Dekyvere

Belgian artist Tom Dekyvere is a rapidly rising star on the international light festival scene. His architectural light installations involve a large geometrical rhizome construction of rope and reflective triangles lit with multi-color LEDs. Consisting of over 10,000 feet of rope, the artwork will be installed just north of the Dredge Pond in downtown Breckenridge. Dekyvere’s public art practice explores the evolving and often unexpected bond between technology and the natural world. Polygonum 2.0 showcases the relationships between the organic and artificial structures specific to the landscape of the Breckenridge waterfront and the people who inhabit it.

breckenridge wave recycled rain installation

Recycled Rain, with High Country Conservation Center

A participatory artwork created with used plastic water bottles and accompanied by statistics on the global plastic pollution crisis.

Join us on the Blue River Plaza from 5-7 pm each day of WAVE to help build Recycled Rain, an eco-installation constructed of hundreds of plastic water bottles.

breckenridge reflection intrude installation

Reflection / Projection / Vibration, by Andrew Wade Smith

Using digital projection, live musical performance and sound design, this work plays within the realms of light, shadow, reflection and acoustic phenomena. This generative media exhibit, featuring live cymatic demonstration in the upper level studio of Old Masonic Hall, extends real-time image capture to large scale projections on the exterior of the building.

breckenridge luminous intrude installation

Luminous, by Sophia Dixon Dillo and Jane Guthridge

An immersive installation that captures the ethereal play of light and shadow using a variety of translucent and reflective materials that bend, refract and diffuse light.


breckenridge wave music in the hare performance

Music in the Hare

A series of short acoustic concerts featuring contemporary music performed alfresco among the glowing bunnies on the lawn.

Daily performances at 3 pm, 4 pm, and 5 pm | Riverwalk Center Lawn

breckenridge wave runoff reverieperformance

Runoff Reverie, with Russick Smith

Featuring cellist Russick Smith, this concert of cascading melodies is performed on a tiny island between the banks of the Blue River amidst the rolling waters of the spring runoff.

Nightly performances at 6 pm, 8 pm and 10 pm | Blue River, Next to Riverwalk Center

breckenridge wave dance micro performance


Short dance performances inside the MICRO installation that explore the small universe that is our body and mind.

Nightly performances at 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm | Blue River Plaza


breckenridge wave wave reels screening

WAVE Reels, with Breckenridge Film Festival

A collection of short films dedicated to different themes within the WAVE exhibition.

  • Water/Pollution, June 1 & 4 | 8:00p
  • Music Videos June 2 | 8:00p
  • Waveforms June 3 | 8:00p

Old Masonic Hall Deck

breckenridge wave big ears cinema screening

Big Ears Cinema

A series of animated and classic films featuring rabbits in various contexts, forging connections between fine art and popular media.

  • Harvey, June 3 & 4 | 3:00p
  • Night of the Lepus, June 3 & 4 | 4:45p
  • The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie, June 3 & 4 | 6:15p

Breckenridge Riverwalk Center


breckenridge wave build recycled rain activity

Build Recycled Rain

Come help us build Recycled Rain, a participatory artwork composed of used plastic water bottles. Statistics on local and national water use and the global plastic pollution crisis are also part of the installation.

Daily from 5-7:00 p | Blue River Plaza

breckenridge wave light cyles activity

LightCycles: A Community Bike Ride

An event that encourages local cyclists to light up their bikes for an illuminated parade through the WAVE exhibition site. Riders should gather between 7-8 pm at Breck Bike Guides (411 S. Main) with their pre-decorated bikes, or gear up onsite with free glow swag, and ride from 8-9 pm.

breckenridge wave our plastic addiction activity

Our Plastic Addiction: A Roundtable Discussion

Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. Roughly 77% of those bottles end up in the landfill or illegally dumped in our natural spaces causing a myriad of problems for people, wildlife, and the ecological system. We are addicted to plastic. Join Jessica Burley from High Country Conservation Center for a discussion about our plastic addiction and take action to combat the growing problem of plastics in our natural spaces.

June 2, 4-5:00 p | Old Masonic Hall

breckenridge wave make a mini polygonum activity

Make a Mini-Polygonum

Build your own “polygonum” with Tom Dekyvere, the internationally acclaimed light sculptor from Belgium. Using colorful string and cardboard boxes, kids will make miniature sculptures based upon Polygonum 2.0, Dekyvere’s installation for WAVE 2017.

June 3 & 4, 2-3:00 p | Quandry Antiques Cabin

breckenridge wave blue river aquaticcs activity

Blue River Aquatics for Kids

Join Keystone Science School in an exploration of the Blue River! This workshop will consist of hands-on activities and scavenger hunts, including a search for water bugs (macro-invertebrates) and chemical and observational tests on the river.

June 3 & 4, 3-5:00 p | Blue River Plaza

breckenridge wave exhibition tour activity

WAVE Exhibition Tour

Join us on a free guided tour of the outdoor and indoor WAVE exhibitions, including work by: Amanda Parer, Tom Dekyvere, Purring Tiger, Sophia Dixon Dillo and Jane Guthridge. Tours start at Old Masonic Hall and finish in the Blue River Plaza.

June 3 & 4, 4-5:00 p | Old Masonic Hall

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